Dab Pen Weedeo

Discover the CBD Dab Pen by Weedeo, an alternative to electronic cigarettes, for an intense vaping experience, combining vaping pleasure with CBD’s benefits ! Whatever your vaper’s profile, occasional, regular or specific aroma buff, Dab Pens are made for you !


CBD Dab Pens : a new vaping experience !

A stylish and sober vaping product, the Dab Pen (also called Vape Pen or Shatter Pen) is similar to a certain extent to electronic cigarettes but offers important advantages. 

CBD Dab Pens exist in refillable or single-use versions and allow the vaping of CBD Wax, a pure, high-quality CBD extract, directly derived from hemp, whose texture is similar to resin. 

Using a different process from e-cigarettes, Dab Pens heat less intensely, allowing a combustion-free vaporization of the Wax. Weedeo Dab Pens enable a « healthier » vape, combining CBD’s effects and a quality, convenient vaping pleasure !

Dab Pens on Liquideo Station

On Liquideo Station, discover a selection of CBD Vape Pens designed by the brand Weedeo, from famous CBD flowers’ extracts such as Amnesia Kush, Orange Bud or Lemon Haze. 

Go for Dab Pens with specific effects, such as the “Painkilling” or “Sleep” Vape Pens specifically imagined to target a definite need and bring CBD benefits with immediate effect thanks to the vaping process.

FAQ : Your questions on Dab Pens available on Liquideo Station


A convenient and classy vaping tool, a CBD Dab Pen works by a principle similar to an e-cigarette, allowing the vaporization of CBD Wax and a vaping experience thanks to cannabidiol’s effects.



A standard Wpuff is a recyclable and single-use e-cigarette holding a definite dose of e-liquid, with or without nicotine within it. A CBD Dab Pen contains Wax, a pure CBD extract that is consumed through vaporization.

On Liquideo Station, we offer you a range of CBD Dab Pens designed by Weedeo with specific effects, according to your need (Vape Pen “Sleep”, “Concentration”, “Painkiller”…). For a more recreational use, CBD Dab Pens with aromas of specific flowers (Orange Bud, Kush, Lemon Haze…) deliver an intense vape with legal hemp flavours.

French law regarding production and consumption of hemp (cannabis)-based products imposes a maximum THC rate of 0.3 % in the product. All our CBD Dab Pens scrupulously respect this legislation and are therefore perfectly legal under French and EU laws.



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