On Liquideo Station, discover Ebarro, a new kind of cigar-shaped electronic cigarette with exclusive flavours and aromas !


Ebarro : the exclusive e-cigar by Liquideo !

Looking for a stylish and original new vaping experience ? If you like electronic cigarettes and specific puff flavours, Ebarro is made for you ! A kind of e-cigarette with an original e-cigar aspect, Ebarro contains an e-liquid with aromas designed by Liquideo. 

Rediscover the aromas of your Wpuffs and electronic cigarettes such as the flavours Hawaii Hookah, Iced Apple , Dragon’s Fruit-Strawberry, Iced Grapes etc.

E-Cigar or E-cigarette, enjoy what suits you best !

While electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) exist in refillable (requiring the addition of an e-liquid cartridge in a pod) or single-use (e-cigarettes such as Wpuffs) versions, Ebarros are a new kind of disposable e-cigarettes for an elegant, immediate and convenient use. 

Designed in a similar way to e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes), Ebarros are e-cigars allowing 600 or 2000 puffs of an innovative vape with original aromas. Like single-use e-cigarettes, Ebarros provide a convenient vape that doesn’t require a refill of e-liquid to enjoy a fun, multiple-flavoured vape ! 

A novelty by Liquideo, a manufacturer of e-cigarettes, Ebarro e-cigars provide the pleasures of vaping and the original aromas of Liquideo e-liquids through an innovating vaping experience. Discover Ebarro specialties, an alternative to classic electronic cigarettes for all vapers !



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